wish list

I got bored with my Amazon Wish List because I could only put Amazon stuff on it and my desires are more diverse than that. I mean, if it’s a wish list, why limit yourself? So, you can now buy and ship much-appreciated swag to me off of my Amazon page, or peruse the additions below.

If you’re not a nutcase, my address is at the bottom of the page 🙂

Books + DVDs
Now on Amazon [hits: 216]
I moved all of my book and DVD desires to my Amazon list because maintaining one list seemed easier than maintaining two. Duh, me.
A Squishy Dog [hits: 179]
Specifically, a Pug or French Bulldog.
Fluffy Mules [hits: 221]
Yeah, OK, I confess to being a frou-frou whore. UK size 7, US 9, colour PINK!
Geek Accessories
Use Your Bin, Girl! [hits: 272]
Let us all exhale a collective sigh of “Ooooh, ahhhhh!”… it has glitter :o))) Size large, extra sparkles!
got root? [hits: 237]
I am officially dying for this hooded t-shirt (with snazzy drawsting waist!) in size large.
Girl Stuff
Lunapads Starter Kit [hits: 13]
Because I’d rather bleed on leopard print than plain white.
Mooncup [hits: 9]
Better periods through chemistry. Not.
Stocking Stuffers + Xmas Pressies
Pink Reversible Quilt Jacket [hits: 1]
If there was a section called “things my parents could buy me” I’d put this in it! Size L. I think.
Winnie the Pooh 2004 Calendar [hits: 7]
“It all comes, I suppose,” he decided, as he spun round three times, and flew gracefully into a gorse-bush, “it all comes of liking honey so much. Oh, help!”
Legally Blonde II [hits: 7]
“Do you know what I thought the first time I saw you?” “That girl wears a lot of pink?”
The Sims: Hot Date [hits: 5]
Requires House Party first, but if they make friends, they may want to date…
The Sims: House Party [hits: 6]
Because my Sims really, really need to make friends, yo.
Matrix Reloaded [hits: 6]
Because I am all about the DVD extras.
Brown Sugar/Shea Butter Scrub [hits: 18]
This is seriously the nicest stuff ever and all my girlfriends are getting some for Christmas. And pink fluffy pens, of course.
Sesame Oil [hits: 7]
Because it makes stirfrys happy.
Rice Vinegar [hits: 7]
To go with the sesame oil.
Pride & Prejudice [hits: 10]
I don’t seem to have a copy, which is a pity.
Paperchase [hits: 17]
Really, anything from here: pens, notebooks, frames — I like it all.
Post It Notes [hits: 10]
I like the bright designs. The bigger the better, really.
Green & Black’s Dark 70% [hits: 10]
Because chocolate is meant to taste of chocolate.
Pink Fluffy Pen [hits: 23]
You can never be too pink or too fluffy.