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Wanda Lust: Daily

In which your hostess blogs daily on travel news, destinations, accessories and gossip. Flights leaving three times a day.

Toronto, Canada: 17 – 23 September ’04

In which my breasts become bilingual, women get naked at the ballet, and I commit a wedding faux pas to print.

Fire Island, NY: 12 – 14 September ’03

In which virtually nothing happens except complete happiness, rescue via face cream, and the dog fight that wasn’t.

Ithaca to RI: 7 – 10 September ’03

In which we long for a change of cows, I become my mother, and we discover a most unmelodic form of hell.

Upstate NY: 5 – 7 September ’03

In which Jewish weddings are explained to the goyisher boyfriend, everyone eats all the time, and feminism starts early.

NYC, USA: Two Trips, September ’03

In which I enter a time warp, September 11th is observed, and grocery trips become treasure hunts by taxi.

Glasgow, Scotland: 30 May – 2 June ’03

In which hotel reservations are lost, haggis is piped in, and porn movies almost abound. Hurrah.

Miami, FL: 12 – 19 November ’02

In which two inner party girls run rampant and I declare that I’m not a dyke but my girlfriend is.

West Mersea: 23 – 27 August ’02

In which living in a trailer park by the seaside turns out to be way more fun than you would think.