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Welcome to my little chunk of bandwith.

Getting Fired From Weblogs Inc.
11/13/2004 5:14:58 AM

The latest entry in cry me a digital river, an online journal brewed fresh daily from organic beans harvested by child labourers in London.

In case you’re interested in the minutia of other people’s lives, the title of the journal is a reference to “Oh, cry me a river!” as a befitting term of general irritation, and thus, befitting of me. 

Also check out the TravelBlog, aka Memoirs of a Confirmed Hotel Slut on the Move. Because, you know, there’s really nothing more important in life than the size of the bathtub and the speed at which room service delivers.

Other than that, you can poke around in the corners of my ex-pat adventures, my unofficial design portfolio, my short bio, or my Sex Geek portfolio.

After all that, should you find yourself hopelessly (or hopefully) smitten, you can even apply to be my boyfriend. Cool, eh?