just herself

Name: Sabrina Dent aka DarlingBri

 Quickly, on April 30th, 1972 in New York City, now living in London.

Web Designer

Geek Factor:

Natural Habitat:
 At home, in my pajamas, working late at night.

 Coffee, cigarettes, chocolate.

Relationship Status: 
All loved up

More Pictures: 
Offline for now.

Things you never knew about me:

I can (and do) pick things up with my toes; I can roll my tongue; I am superstitious; I’ve dabbled in witchcraft; I can whistle and hum at the same time; I have no body piercings, and never will; I have serial dreams (but not as often as I used to); I sleep like a teenager (12+ hour stretches); I sew and needlepoint.

Loves and Lusts:

Squishy Dogs: Pugs, bulldogs, boxers and char peis. I covet Sofia, Heather’s dog, but any one will do.

Music: Little Feat, The Band, Indigo Girls, Sarah MacLaughlin, chicks with acoustic guitars, INXS, Jethro Tull, Harry Chapin.

Shoes: I love very femme, silly, flippy heels.  My long-serving favourites are on the left.

Books: Which I read at an alarming rate, mostly Patricia Cornwall (Scarpetta), Ian Rankin, John Irving, Gail Godwin, Dick Francis, Jeffrey Deaver.

MP3s: It’s an illness, I tell you.